Zara Noor Abbas Celebrating her 30th Birthday

Zara Noor Abbas Celebrating her 30th Birthday. she was born in march 1990 

she wrote a post on her birthday, As I turn 30 today, I believe in God more than ever. I believe in miracles more than ever. The fact that kindness wins it all and that I am no longer a slave of my past but a proud well worthy owner of every feeling and emotion I went through and will go through from now on.

The last year has taught me a lot about humanity and today and I am so satisfied to be around the people who matter. I am at ease with myself.

Took 30 long years to understand that I can’t control A single thing. So I give my all to my God and pray that he takes me where ever HE pleases. I am with no pretense – no sugar coating. I am with no regrets – no imposters. I am who I am and around the best family and friends, I could ever ask for.

So I happily devour myself to myself. Ready to learn more. Love more. Give more. Help more.
Happiest Birthday to me , And here is to eat all my beautiful yummy birthday cakes.