Latest Pictures of Sonya Hussyn in Turkey

Latest Pictures of Sonya Hussyn in Turkey for a photoshoot of Designer Zainab Chotani.

Sonya Hussyn Said, And that’s how we roll  Thank you Istanbul you have been wonderful in so many ways. Your hospitality is unmatched and you will always be my one of my favorite cities. I also want to give a big thank you to Zainab Chotani – undoubtedly the best team I have ever worked with. Thank you for going an extra mile for me.

Team Zainab Chottani is here in historical Ephesus with the fabulous models and shooting our ever loved Chikankari 2021 collection! Here are some of the behind the scenes from Day 2 of the shooting.

Day 3 of the shoot, today at Alaçatı, where we’re shooting the first campaign for Tahra Lawn. You may have seen the Tahra by Zainab Chottani brand on Instagram.