Latest Pictures of Hania Amir with Famous Viral Girl Dananeer

Dananeer has a special message for Hania Amir, Hania Amir with Famous Viral Girl Dananeer. Hania Amir shared pictures with the famous girl Dananeer in Karachi .dananeer is very happy to meet Hania Amir and said, FInally I met my photocopy Hania Amir but 100x prettier than me .its such a blessing to meet people who are just as beautiful inside as they are on the outside 

Dananeer Mobeen got famous through her video and after that, she becomes the news all over the internet hired by brands and invited in shows including Nida Yasir.

She is the brand ambassador of Peshawer Zalmi in PSL along with Mahira Khan, Hania Amir, and Esra Bilgic from Turkey who is supporting the team online only from turkey