Celebrities Spotted at the Launch of Ayesha Omar’s New Business

Celebrities spotted at the launch of Ayesha.O.Beauty, a beauty and skin product brand by actress Ayesha Omar. Ayesha Omar just Launched a new Business name Ayesha O Beauty which is a beauty and skin related products .she invited her close celebrity Freinds Azfar Rehman, Ainy Jaffery, Momal Sheikh, Maria Wasti were invited to the event 

Ayesha Omar Said,  ”A little bit of live from my launch!  Missed all those friends and colleagues who couldn’t make it because they were out of town, out of the country, working or busy shooting but so happy and thankful to those who did. Love you all and thank you! ”

Ayesha Omar is wearing a beautiful outfit by Zaheer Abbas Event Decor was done by Amina Rashid Khan of Raka Events 

Beautiful Ainy Jafery at the Launch event of Ayesha O Beauty wearing beautiful outfift by Sania Maskatiya